Remote simultaneous interpretation is the term used to describe language simultaneously interpreted remotely by an interpreter. In a classic situation, simultaneous interpretation is carried out by an interpreter who physically participates in the event, conference call or meeting, providing multilingual support for the participants.

While you hold the meeting using video conferencing software like Webex, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business, GotoMeeting, Zoom or similar; we participate, providing the simultaneous interpretation.
If you prefer a sophisticated and very professional solution, we have partnered with the best remote simultaneous interpretation platforms in the world. They are perfect solutions for large events with a big audience. We have already been trained by some of these platforms and we are able to provide this service so that your event does not go without a simultaneous interpretation, which is very important for your business.

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When should I use remote simultaneous interpretation services?

On-site conferences

As remote simultaneous interpretation allows events to be hosted online, there is no need for on-site interpreters and participants can essentially participate digitally. This helps to save time and money, while improving accessibility and participation.

Panel discussion

In panel discussions where there can be thousands of simultaneous users so that participants can listen to the content in their language of choice. This is particularly useful for panels or discussions where multiple languages are being used.

Seminar Workshops

By using our remote simultaneous interpretation service for seminars, interpreters can work remotely and focus better on translating complex or technical content. This ensures that the information provided is much more accurate.

Small meetings

By removing language barriers, our remote simultaneous interpretation service can greatly increase productivity and confidence in global companies, with regional team members able to confidently express themselves in their mother tongue.

The Importance of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Language, when you think about it, is the most important way we have to learn about each other, our universe and our place in it. It opens our minds to a world of ideas, all of which we share, shape and develop.

That is why multilingualism is so important for events and meetings in our increasingly interconnected world – it allows us to understand each other and collaborate better.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is what is helping to connect diverse audiences and distribute content to broader audiences. If you would like to learn more about this subject, browse the Global Languages website and discover everything we can do for your company.