Technical translation is a specialized translation that involves the translation of documents produced by technical writers, or more specifically, texts related to technological subject areas or texts dealing with the practical application of scientific and technological information.

In this article, Global Languages will show you the myths and facts when it comes to technical translation. Check them out:

Any professional who works with translation can do technical translations


Offering technical translation services requires a technical translator who has vast knowledge of the subject and, like technical translations, they also require the translation of technical terms to develop very specialized terminology. The translator must have knowledge of the specialized terms in this area in both the source and target languages to translate technical terms with ease.

The method used for technical translations is different


Using technical terms correctly and consistently is of paramount importance for technical translations. Therefore, comprehensive terminology management is critical for translating technical documentation. When you provide us with your company’s official vocabulary and style guides, we develop specialized terminology that will help ensure that the right term is used throughout your material.

Software and tools are used to translate


A professional translator working with technical translation uses modern tools or software solutions to help translate documents more effectively. These tools are designed for translators who want accurate results to provide high quality services.

Technical translations require lots of time


It is very important to get technical translations done on time. For example, a medical translation needs to be on time to save lives. Furthermore, legal translations must follow the rules and regulations. Therefore, you must work with qualified translators. Why? They can provide technical translations quickly. Furthermore, to translate a large scale technical project on time, translators must have project management skills.

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