In both the military and civil fields, aeronautics is very important for human civilization today. There were many years of research, experimentation and prototyping until the first aircraft capable of flying was invented, followed by many years of improving this equipment for its different areas of operation, each with its specific type of aircraft. Not to mention the constant advance and discovery of new technologies, which result in improvements in operation and a considerable reduction in the chances of failure.

The characteristics of the aircraft change a lot depending on how each one will be used. For example, civil aircraft need to have an adequate structure to carry a lot of weight, but not necessarily to perform daring maneuvers during flight. In the case of certain types of aircraft for military use, a different structure is needed that allows the execution of more daring and agile maneuvers.

The technical translation offered by Global Languages is very important in the aeronautics field as it allows the perfect execution in the construction of all types of aircraft, through the exact and accurate translation of manuals and technical documents. In addition, other types of translation can also be explored in this area, such as simultaneous and consecutive translation, which can be used in congresses, meetings and even interviews involving professionals in the field.

An important fact that needs to be considered is that there are many technical expressions that are characteristic and even exclusive to the aeronautical area. For this reason, before hiring a professional to perform any service in the area, one should try to find out if they have this specific knowledge.

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