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Why are interpreters so important in Afghanistan?

The planned withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan before September 11, 2021 heightened fears that the Taliban would target interpreters, translators who perform consecutive interpretations, embassy staff and other Afghan assistants of foreign forces. The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries must urgently accelerate visa processing and relocation efforts. Most American soldiers…

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote simultaneous interpretation is the term used to describe language simultaneously interpreted remotely by an interpreter. In a classic situation, simultaneous interpretation is carried out by an interpreter who physically participates in the event, conference call or meeting, providing multilingual support for the participants. While you hold the meeting using video conferencing software like Webex, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business,…

Voice-over services

Professional voice-overs have been used for years for various advertising and corporate purposes. Audio messages are more interactive and attractive and with professional voice-over services, you can pass on the desired information with the clarity that your company needs. The voice is an important communication tool, it transmits even more personality and credibility to the brand. Thus, voice-over services are…

Sworn Translator

Sworn translation has recently become very important due to international trade, the creation of political-economic blocs, migration and tourism. But what is that? It is about this professional that Global Languages will discuss in this article. What is sworn translation? A sworn translation is generally recognized as an officially accepted translation of a legal document or any document that needs to be…

Quality technical translation: the importance of hiring a specialized company

In an increasingly globalized market, without borders, a quality technical translation becomes even more important. After all, your company will be communicating with people from other countries with a completely different culture. Therefore, it is essential for the translation of your product or service´s text to be top-quality and that it allows the reader to easily understand everything you need…

How have translation processes been useful in assisting medicine worldwide?

Our company provides translation services in several areas, including those previously discussed here on the blog, in our articles: Translations for the aeronautical industry, Translations for agribusiness, Technical and sworn translations for the automotive industry and Subtitling services. In addition to those previously mentioned, medicine is an area where translation services are very much present and of great importance. Continue…

Translation memory vs. human translation

As technology advances, new translation tools have emerged, one of which is translation memory. It is a database that stores terms, phrases, headings and even paragraphs of a text of a certain segment, analyzes the use, syntax and grammar of each word, and uses this knowledge to translate based on a comparison of the text being translated with the information that has been stored.

Subtitling services

Subtitling services are a greater part of our daily lives than we realize. Subtitles are present in films, series, documentaries, and even video lessons, and can be considered practically fundamental for those who regularly consume this type of content.

Translations for agribusiness

Agribusiness is a very rich and detailed area, which involves a lot more than most people realize. This economic sector, which is very important for the Brazilian economy, includes all the techniques, services and equipment that are in any way related to agriculture and livestock