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Technical Translation

Technical translation: myths and facts about this type of translation

Technical translation is a specialized translation that involves the translation of documents produced by technical writers, or more specifically, texts related to technological subject areas or texts dealing with the practical application of scientific and technological information. In this article, Global Languages will show you the myths and facts when it comes to technical translation. Check them out: Any professional who…

What are the main types of translations?

Do you need something translated? What kind of translator should you ask for to provide a sworn translation? What about for a technical translation? The world of translation is vast and varied. There are different translation techniques, different theories about translation and various types of translation services, including technical translation, legal translation, sworn translation, among others. In this article, Global…

Quality technical translation: the importance of hiring a specialized company

In an increasingly globalized market, without borders, a quality technical translation becomes even more important. After all, your company will be communicating with people from other countries with a completely different culture. Therefore, it is essential for the translation of your product or service´s text to be top-quality and that it allows the reader to easily understand everything you need…