If you have ever gone through a period of study outside the country or accompanied the preparation of someone who has gone through this experience, you have probably heard of sworn translation. This type of service goes beyond the situation of documentation to enter foreign educational institutions, or even validation of studies outside the country, and is also necessary in situations such as requesting citizenship and civil marriage with foreign people.

Sworn translation is basically a translation service performed by a professional, specialized in the subject: the Public Translator. The result of this translation is a document with legal validity, as well as the original documents issued in the country of origin.

When it comes to sworn translation, there are some fairly common questions that may arise. Read on to learn the answers to some of them:

1. Can I perform my own sworn translations?

This is a very common question among people who have some mastery in the language for which it is necessary to perform a sworn translation at the time, but as previously mentioned, the only people who can legally carry out sworn translations are Public Translators, because the signature of these professionals is what makes the documents legally valid.

2. Is a sworn translation valid?

Sworn translation has its requirements and particularities in each country. However, those done by public translators or sworn translators have good acceptance in foreign countries. It does not have a specific validity, and is always determined by the original document.
Another situation that may compromise the validity of sworn translations is the modification of any item in the original document, or request for a duplicate.

3. How do I request a sworn translation?

The most practical way to request a sworn translation is to contact a specialized translation company, such as Global Languages. By contacting us, you guarantee that your translation will be carried out by a Public Translator specially selected for your case, guaranteeing peace of mind for you and a lot of excellence in the service delivered.

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