Discover how sworn translation can be simplified by using the digital signature service.

With the innovations of the modern world, a lot has changed. In recent years, the way people interact and even the way services are provided have been influenced by technology. The main goal of embracing these changes is simple: to make people’s lives easier and more convenient – and that’s exactly what Global Languages will be talking about today.

In translation, technologies have been used to make services less bureaucratic, giving clients more time and flexibility to solve their problems.

In this sense, digital sworn translation is very advantageous for those who need this type of service. But what is this type of translation and how does it work?

What is a sworn translation?

Sworn translation is defined as the service of translating an official document from one language to another, such as diplomas, marriage certificates, wills, powers of attorney, among others.

This service is highly sought after by those who graduated abroad, for example, but wish to resume their studies in their own country or even for those who got married abroad. In addition, sworn translation is essential for companies that enter into commercial agreements with foreign institutions in order to validate transactions in both countries.

What is a digital signature?

A technique involving encryption to verify the security and integrity of digital documents. Digital signature is one of the benefits incorporated into the sworn translation process to simplify it.

As it is equivalent to a traditional signature, digitally signed documents have the same legal value and, therefore, offer numerous advantages for those with limitations or even for those who need to solve problems faster.

Benefits of a digital sworn translation

In addition to improving the service and making it even more convenient, the digitally signed sworn translation offers several benefits.

Operations in a more secure environment

One of the main positive aspects of choosing this type of service is security. As the data is sent through encryption, cases of falsification or even plagiarism are avoided, for example.

Reduced costs

The process also helps to reduce costs, as the signature of the sworn translator and the owners of the documents no longer have to be notarized.

A sustainable alternative

Another benefit of a digitally signed sworn translation is the sustainability of the business, as it eliminates the use of paper and ink in the printing process, thus avoiding waste.

If you need a digital sworn translation, Global Languages is here for you. We have an experienced team of professionals who are ready to offer you a sworn translation with a digital signature from anywhere in the world.