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Electronic Publishing

Electronic Publishing

Our library of fonts covers several languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Russian and Korean, as well as the respective work applications with such fonts. We have the most advanced resources.

Electronic Publishing is the process composed of editing and diagramming of texts and images made through computer programs. With the advancement of technology, specific tools were created for this type of work, contributing to greater agility in the process.

In the common development of editing, the professional understands how the text needs to be arranged, formatted and presented. It analyzes the choice of fonts, line spacing, paragraphs, margins and others, to leave the production within the molds chosen by the customer. When it comes to translation, we understand how important this process is for delivering quality material.

When translating a text into another language, it is necessary to know that the text may increase or decrease. Usually, from English to Portuguese, for example, the text increases in length, and this can be a challenge for the editing area because it visually interferes with the presentation of the document. Certain choices can be made, such as reducing the source or even using another one so that the material is arranged in the best possible way.

In the case of Sworn Translation, there are formatting standards that need to be followed to the letter for the document to be legally valid. Sometimes, it does not have to be visually identical to the original, but needs to be arranged in a standardized graphic form of legal texts. In Technical Translations, such as manuals, for example, it is extremely important that the content is identical to the original, with the same source and standards according to the customer’s

Often, it is not only texts that need to be translated, but also images, tables and graphics – and it is up to the specialized team to find a way to reproduce them as faithfully as possible. The use of some programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator are extremely important to perform and complete the work perfectly. In our company, we always try to deliver excellent work not only in terms of translation, but also in the visual aspect. We have professionals specialized in the use of the necessary programs and in the execution of the work. We guarantee the quality of the material delivered, so that the customer does not have to worry about provisions and finalizations.

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