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We have great versatility in the provision of language services and this is due to our professional foundations of initiative, management, and, above all, planning. It is these foundations that guide us to neo-industrialization. Because we have this vision and action when performing our work, we have a qualified and experienced team, with expertise in multiple languages and areas.

We deal with the most up-to-date hardware and software technologies, strengthening our know-how and leading us to added values and standing out where we compete.
As pioneers in the field of translation in southern Brazil, we are present in several market segments, committed to our high standard of quality in services and agility to meet market demands. We lead the segment, form successful partnerships with large corporations and offer personalized service, whether in national or international territory.

Global Languages provides the best solutions worldwide to clients and business partners, making it possible to employ the most diverse languages in e-business of all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide variety of services related to different languages.

We have sufficient skills and experience to allow us to face projects of high complexity or difficulty, whether by subject, deadline or preparation. We work with different languages and means of communication.