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Global Languages provides complete multilingual solutions for organizations, enabling them to take care of their customers, keep data secure and meet regulatory requirements, all while expanding into new markets.
We provide the necessary skills to create, manage and publish content via multichannel, in order to transform product information into commercial advantages for clients.

Project Concept
We collect information about client needs, project specifications and whatever technical limitations and restrictions they may have. We then identify and select the best solutions considering costs, performance and feasibility. Our work is executed with the balance of listening, critical thinking and skills, directing great attention to detail, quality and optimization of deadlines and costs.

Project Development
In this stage, we work on the technical solution of the project, integrating specific skills, derived from more than 30 years of experience, combining technical knowledge, design skills, analysis, modeling, prototyping and testing, having an unparalleled overview of the entire product life cycle.

Product Communication
Due to our internal complementary skills, Global Languages is able to carry out technical writing, translate into any language, generate virtual experiences and impressions.

We transform Engineering projects into content. This content then turns into easily accessible experiences, made available to the end user, regardless of who they are or where they are.