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Sworn Translations

Sworn Translations

We have an exclusive team of sworn translators in several languages. We understand your urgency and deliver sworn translations through an EXPRESS SERVICE, with the translator’s notarized signature or even by digital signature.

Sworn translations can be simplified using the digital signature service.

Much has changed with the innovations of the modern world. In recent years, the ways in which people relate to each other and even the way services are provided have been influenced by technology. The main purpose of embracing these changes is simple: to make people’s lives easier and more convenient. In translation, technology has been used to make services less bureaucratic, giving customers more time and agility to solve their problems.

As such, digital sworn translation is very advantageous for those requiring this type of service. So, what is this type of translation, and how does it work?

What is a digital signature?

A technique that involves encryption to verify the security and integrity of digital documents. Digital signatures are one of the benefits incorporated into the sworn translation process to make it simpler.

Because it is equivalent to a traditional signature, digitally signed documents have the same legal value and, therefore, offer countless advantages for those who have limitations or even for those who need to solve problems faster.

Benefits of a digital sworn translation

In addition to enhancing the service and making it even more convenient, digitally signed sworn translation offers several benefits.

Operating in a more secure environment

One of the main positive aspects of choosing this type of service is security. As data is sent with encryption, it prevents cases of forgery or even plagiarism, for example.

Cost reduction

The process also helps reduce costs because it dispenses with the notarized signature of the sworn translator and the document holders.

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