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Technical Literature is a set of works that aim to make an area of knowledge accessible and organized for the target audience. The material is produced by specialists who deepen and study the subject, share learning and conclusions with other individuals, didactically. Technical content includes:

• Service Manuals
• Assembly Manuals
• Disassembly Manuals
• Electrical Diagrams
• In addition to translations and adaptations of content.

These educational materials can be composed of information surveys, image captures, drawing, 3D illustrations and technical compositions, for example.
The materials developed are based on technical information and experts in the area. They are transformed into a language that is easy for the end user to understand.

• Educational Handouts
• Service Manuals
• User Manuals
• Assembly Manuals
• Disassembly Manuals
• Product catalogs
• Explanatory Folders
• Among other materials.

We help companies in the industrial sector on a global scale to achieve greater efficiency in the structure and management of multilingual content.

How do we do this?
We ensure the creation and translation of local, consistent, relevant and accurate content that leverages the business and at the same time creates optimized user experiences.

Our job at Global Languages is to make intuitions, projects and procedures become information, content and documentation. We build the network of documentation necessary for success in each industrial project.