Due to globalization and the importance of international communication flows in today’s world, companies are increasingly likely to need translation services for their operations. And although there are many translation companies on the market to choose from, you must be careful when choosing the best partner.

Translation companies have a team of qualified and specialized translators ready to meet all your language needs, from simple memorandums to highly technical documents. In this article, Global Languages will show you why using a translation company is the best option.

Deliveries made on time

A complaint we often hear from many of our customers is freelancers’ inability to meet deadlines. Their stories have one thing in common: translators waiting until the last minute to warn them that they won’t be able to finish the job on time. This problem is less likely to occur when using a translation company, as its reputation depends on providing efficient service in a timely manner.

Accuracy and efficiency

When it comes to technical translations, you need a team of proven experts who strive to stay up to date with the main trends in a specific field. Due to the innovative nature of companies and the speed at which information travels today, language needs to adapt to the habits and culture of the target audience.


When using a translation company, it is important to make sure it serves the city where you live, whether in Brazil or abroad. Global Languages is prepared to serve you from anywhere in the world and has units in: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Joinville as well as in Miami.


If your company uses Google translate on a regular basis, you may have noticed that the text is garbled or incorrect. These translations may be good for your day-to-day and for texts that are not going to be published, but they simply do not meet the standard required for documents that are shared with customers, who may see this as amateur.

There are always many different ways to get the same message across, but global brands will only gain consumer trust if their content is properly tailored to each target language.

Translation company

As we have seen, using professional language services offers great benefits to your company, such as quality-assured translations that allow you to focus on your main business objective.

If you want to combine expertise, speed, cost-effectiveness and solid support, even after delivery, using a professional translation company is the best choice for you. Global Languages is a serious, experienced translation company with offices in Brazil and abroad, in the following cities: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Joinville and Miami. Contact us and find out more.