Although they have certain similarities, simultaneous translation and consecutive translation generate different experiences for the listener. But what are they and how are they applied? Continue following the content to understand more about the topic!

How does simultaneous translation work?

In this type of translation, the interpreter works in an acoustic booth with sound isolation in order to make the interpretation as faithful as possible and to ensure that no noise interferences occur. They also translate the words simultaneously with the speaker’s speech, using electronic devices that transmit the words to the listener.

A practical example of this is infrared simultaneous translation equipment. They operate with total immunity to external noises, and because they are within the nature of light, they do not pass through walls or, in other words, they make the content discussed in events confidential. It also allows more than one channel to be used in just one room, or to be repeated in several others that are close by, without confusion in the transmission.

Furthermore, in this case, the concern is much more focused on the content that is said by the speakers than on the way they expresses themselves, so that the information is issued in a fast and effective way.

Simultaneous translation is recommended for meetings, conferences, lectures or debates, considering that it enables individuals who speak different languages to participate in the same event and understand everything that happens there.

How does consecutive translation work?

In the consecutive translation model, on the other hand, the translation is done after a few seconds or between pauses by the speaker, and it does not require the use of any kind of special equipment. This service is more suitable for smaller events, as it requires more time to be executed, and has the advantage of being able to be done in any type of environment, as well as being more faithful to what was said by the speaker.

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