A sworn translator is the most qualified professional to translate documents. Sworn translation is one of the most important modalities, as it ensures legal authenticity of the documents. Unlike literary texts that can be translated by people who feel they are capable, this type of translation requires a specialized professional, a sworn translator. They are the only ones that can guarantee legal validity of the documents, reproducing them faithfully. In this article, Global Languages will demonstrate the importance of this type of translation and when it is required.

Documents that require a sworn translator

There are several documents that require the services of a sworn translator in order to be considered legal. This type of translation is essential for marriages abroad, in order to legalize them in the desired country, for example. Or to be able to translate death certificates issued in other places.

Among the main documents that require this type of translation we highlight civil documents, including birth and marriage certificates and divorce by mutual consent. Personal documents such as identity cards, driver’s licenses, professional licenses (CRM and OAB) and passports as well.

In addition, legal documents, such as lawsuits and powers of attorney, need a sworn translator in order to be registered. Finally, this list includes financial and administrative documents such as articles of organization, articles of incorporation, tenders, agreements with employees and many others.

Other services that a sworn translator provides

In addition to translating documents truthfully, a sworn translator can perform other duties as well. These professionals are authorized to work in places such as registry offices and in places where texts need to be interpreted in a language other than the native language.

A sworn translator can formalize the purchase of real estate by foreigners, for example. They are also necessary to translate manuals for exported products, etc. This profession encompasses a wide range of activities and is considered to be of the utmost importance in several situations. Therefore, consult a sworn translator when necessary.

You can find a sworn translator at Global Languages

Here at Global Languages, you will find specialized and qualified sworn translators to assist you, regardless of the situation. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about our services and see which one best suits your needs at this time. We are happy to answer any of your questions!

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