voiceover in advertisingWithin the diverse definitions and uses of advertising, it is more common to understand its roles when looking at it from the perspective of marketing. In a simplified way, it is about transmitting as much information as possible about the existence and benefits of purchasing certain products or services. Whether for the general population or for a defined target audience, in the shortest possible time. The more people see the advertisement, the higher the change of selling such products or services is.

In order for a message and your product to stand out, the narration – that is, the specific way of speaking, the word choice – is decisive in deciding how an ad will or will not reach an audience in order to attract potential consumers. In this sense, when we become proficient in a language, we come to understand its common use, nuances, different dialects, accents, expressions and slang. In this way, our power of interaction in the culture is intensified; the capacity to transmit a message and be understood in greater detail is higher.

It is necessary to understand that in each language, there are fundamentally different structures to construct a sentence, in addition to the existence of unique words. Mastering several languages is, therefore, an advantage to be able to enrich the same advertising message and make it attractive and captivating in different languages and their niches.

The existence of unique words in each language provides a good example of how expression in several languages changes the range of the advertising: The word “saudade” in Portuguese is rarely translated literally into other languages. In English, for example, the closest translation would be to “miss” someone or something. If we think about search engines, the keywords dictate the algorithm and which ads will be shown first.

Therefore, if the goal is to reach a global audience, understanding different languages is key to a powerful and effective voice in advertising. In addition to competent technical marketing terms, what will ensure advertising that influences and brings about a significant increase in the reach and frequency of its distribution is to be able to navigate in different languages.

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