Medical TranslationsThe health sector produces a variety of content in the format of medication inserts, clinical studies, medication approvals, health insurance documents, reports, etc. What ends up happening is that, many times, all this material needs to be used in another country that speaks another language. For these cases, a medical translation is required.

What are medical translations?

Medical translations are within the category of technical and scientific translations, it is an area that requires a lot of skill and knowledge from the translator, since it is necessary not only to perform a literal translation, but to have knowledge of medical terminologies and know the most appropriate way to carry out the translation.

How are medical translations done?

As medical translations are extremely specialized, Global Languages has a medical team that speaks the native language and has certifications in the health field. This way, our team is able to carry out translations in the most varied medical fields.

And it is precisely because of this technical care, high quality standards and accuracy with translations that Global Languages works with important clients, who have always received excellent results and, therefore, trust our translations.

What services does Global Languages offer?

Global Languages offers complete translation solutions for the medical field. We translate medication inserts, manuals, scientific articles, clinical studies, clinical reports, medication approvals and informative material for conference events.

Medical translations offered by Global Languages can be published or used internally. And, when the text requires legal value, we also carry out sworn translations done by certified professionals.

Delivery terms

Regardless of the volume or delivery time of a translation project, we always seek to eliminate any obstacles that may arise for our clients.
We have professionals carefully selected by area of expertise/subject and by language, in addition to being rigorously and routinely tested and re-evaluated by our recruitment specialists. We ensure that the translation maintains the nuances of the original text. We have a team of translation professionals of the most varied linguistic backgrounds, with extensive academic and professional training in various areas such as electrical-electronics, medicine, chemistry, mechanics, information technology, telecommunications, business, legal, civil, and other areas of knowledge.

Global Languages’ native language translators are accredited by qualification organizations.

They have formal translation training and a minimum of five years’ experience as professional translators. As a guarantee that they are aware of current language trends, we make sure that they have lived in the country of the origin language for an extended period over the past five years. They also have to pass our tests, translating a document in their areas of expertise and be evaluated by three senior members of our translation team.

For each project, we carefully select the linguists based on their knowledge of the language, area of expertise and target audience. Once the translation has been prepared, a proofreader revises and refines the work to ensure that it expresses the text originally written in the target language. A proofreader evaluates it again, approving and delivering it to the project manager so that the work can be finalized.
Translation is the foundation of our production process. Our philosophy is not just to translate a text, but also to create a new text that maintains the intentions, nuances and content of the original work.

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