Sworn TranslationHave you ever stopped to think about what a document represents? What makes something become a document and not just a piece of paper? The truth is that every document has the same purpose and intention: they serve to describe information relevant to a given subject in an objective and accurate way. A document is proof of a certain state or event.

For example, an undergraduate diploma is a document that proves that the person has completed the course and provides accurate information about that event: name of the course, name of the institution, name of the student, signature from the dean, date and location, curriculum etc.

Another important feature of the documents is that all the information in them must be correct, since it will be the reference for everything else. For example, the name on the identity card will serve as the basis for any other registration such as getting a cell phone plan or a passport.

Therefore, when a document of any kind needs to be translated into another language, it is essential that all information is preserved in a reliable manner, avoiding any type of error or misunderstanding. For this reason, it is necessary for the translator to a professional who has passed the civil servant exam and is recognized by the Board of Trade.

When does a document need a sworn translation?

Usually when you need to present a document that is in Portuguese to an institution in another country. For example, to obtain foreign citizenship, it is necessary that you send your Brazilian documents translated (in a sworn manner) into the language of the country. Only then do they acquire legal validity.

Global Languages has prepared a list to give you an idea of the main documents that need a sworn translation. Take a look.

• Academic certificates and diplomas
• Certifications
• Academic transcript / school record
• Birth and marriage certificate
• Criminal records
• Driver’s license (CNH)
• Letters of recommendation
• Bank statements
• Income tax and payslips
• Application for a permanent residence visa or citizenship

Where can I find a Sworn Translator?

Miami: 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1950 | Zip Code 33131 | Phone: (786) 581-4444 | miami@globallanguagesus.com
São Paulo: Av.Paulista, 352 – 8º Andar | São Paulo – SP | CEP: 01310-000 | Phone: (11) 3287-3200 | sp@globallanguages.com.br

Rio de Janeiro: Rua Haddock Lobo, 210 – 8º andar | Rio de Janeiro – CEP: 20260-142 | Phone: (21) 2524-2525 | rj@centraldetraducoes.com.br

Porto Alegre: Rua Padre Chagas, 79 – 4º andar |Moinhos de Vento | CEP: 90570-080| Phone: (51) 3092-0043| rs@centraldetraducoes.com.br

Joinville: Av. Juscelino Kubitscheck, 410, Bloco A, 3º Andar | CEP: 89201-100 | Phone:(47) 3422-0038 | sc@centraldetraducoes.com.br

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