translation memory and human translationAs technology advances, new translation tools have emerged, one of which is translation memory. It is a database that stores terms, phrases, headings and even paragraphs of a text of a certain segment, analyzes the use, syntax and grammar of each word, and uses this knowledge to translate based on a comparison of the text being translated with the information that has been stored.

The advantages of translation memory in translations

The main advantage of using a translation memory system for translations is time optimization, especially for more technical translation jobs that have many repeated terms. Another advantage offered, in the case of big projects, is the savings, considering that the translators do not need to work excessive hours.

The disadvantages of translation memory in translations

The main disadvantages of using this system for translations are the inflexibility and difficulty of adapting the terms when the meaning of a sentence does not match the general context of the text, and the risk of a mistranslation being replicated throughout the entire text. Because of this, we know the importance of providing a human revision service. Any possible mistakes can be thoroughly corrected and thus allow for a much faster time compared to conventional deadlines.

Translation memory as a translator’s tool

Considering all the types of existing translations, human translation is still the one with the best quality in the final result. The perfect way to use the translation memory system for translations is as a tool in the hands of the translator and not a solution in and of itself. In other words, to get the best use out of the tool, the secret is to always keep a translator nearby to carry out the necessary revisions and adjustments throughout the work and even eliminating the risk of a mistranslation being repeated throughout the text, which would require extra work to be done.

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