Our company provides translation services in several areas, including those previously discussed here on the blog, in our articles: Translations for the aeronautical industry, Translations for agribusiness, Technical and sworn translations for the automotive industry and Subtitling services. In addition to those previously mentioned, medicine is an area where translation services are very much present and of great importance. Continue reading this article to understand why: 

As in all areas of science, research is a very important branch of medicine, and in order to be able to start new research, or even to continue existing research, it is essential to find a theoretical basis. Indeed, many of the scientific articles published are in the native language of the person who wrote them, and when there is no clear knowledge of the language in question, it becomes unfeasible for the researcher, doctor or scientist to use the material as a theoretical basis for their project. 

Translation of medical texts and clinical studies into English 

As in other areas, regardless of the nationality of the person writing, scientific articles are commonly published in English because it is a universal language. Thus, if necessary, it becomes much simpler to translate it into all other languages, when there is a need for local understanding, thereby allowing study by specialists who are not fluent in English.  

During the translation process, we at Global Languages will send you a glossary of the main medical terms used in the texts. As such, those involved can quickly check whether it meets the technical requirements and request any adjustments necessary, quickly avoiding rework for both sides. 

We have contracts with numerous laboratories, where we translate clinical studies and relevant legislation on a daily basis.  

To learn more about the translation service for the medical area, whether you are interested in translating your article into English, or translating any other material into your native language, simply use the “contact us” tab here on the website, or contact us directly through the telephone numbers of each of our offices: 

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