In an increasingly globalized market, without borders, a quality technical translation becomes even more important. After all, your company will be communicating with people from other countries with a completely different culture. Therefore, it is essential for the translation of your product or service´s text to be top-quality and that it allows the reader to easily understand everything you need to convey.

That is the main reason why you should hire a specialized company for your technical translation. And to convince you even more of the need for this service, Global Languages will show you some characteristics of a quality technical translation.

Accuracy with words

Technical documents generally contain terms with extremely specific meanings. A common example of a document that may need technical translation is a user manual or product guide. If the guide in question is giving detailed information such as installing a new machine or complex software, it is essential that the correct terminology be used consistently throughout the process.

Differences in format

The technical translator has to be aware of more than just the words. In some countries, there are significant differences in the way information is formatted. Financial translators, for example, need to be aware that numbers are not always expressed in the same way between languages.


Another type of document that technical translators are often called upon to translate are patents. A simple terminology error here can result in your company losing the rights you thought you had acquired in a new target market. In addition to being an expert in the required sector, a quality technical translation will consider the nuances of the legislation of the market into which the documents are being translated.

Cultural influence

Like any good translator, a technical translator will understand cultural nuances in the target language that allow information to be communicated in the right tone, in addition to being accurate. This is extremely important; for example, what may be the correct way to give instructions in one language may seem rude in another.

We are experts in technical translations

If your company needs technical documents translated, contact Global Languages to discuss your needs. With a number of specialized translators worldwide, we cover all business languages and major industries and we are sure that we can provide your business with the high quality technical translations it needs.