subtitle serviceSubtitling services are a greater part of our daily lives than we realize. Subtitles are present in films, series, documentaries, and even video lessons, and can be considered practically fundamental for those who regularly consume this type of content. Like all translation and interpreting services, subtitling requires some very specific attention in order to deliver good results. In this text we will talk a little about the process of developing the subtitling service, and about the challenges that arise in each of the stages.

Translation and interpretation of the original audio

When translating and interpreting the original audio, the professional needs to take great care so that the speech is contextualized with the language it is being translated into, so that nothing loses its meaning. In this case, for a good subtitling service, it is preferable for it be done in a more interpretive manner rather than taking into consideration a strict translation, aimed at the best contextualization. Furthermore, at the moment of writing each sentence, the professional carefully calculates its duration in the original language, so that the written sentence does not exceed the time that the viewer would have to read it calmly, adapting the text to meet this need.

Subtitle synchronization

When the actual translation phase is over, the process of synchronizing the subtitles begins. This process is also fundamental, as it is the stage responsible for adjusting the correct time at which each of the lines should appear. Only those who have had this experience know how unpleasant it is to watch a video with the subtitles out of sync.

Here at Global Languages we provide a well-prepared and very exacting team to perform the subtitling service, which performs the service completely from translation to synchronization.

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