translations for automotive industryThe great automotive industry arrived once and for all in Brazil in the twentieth century, when large international companies settled here. Since then, it has become very important in the lives of Brazilians. Even within this brief context, it is already possible to imagine the importance of translations in this area, which is one that currently makes most use of automated systems to perform this task, and therefore suffers the consequence of presenting poorly translate manuals.

The result achieved in technical and sworn translations for the automotive industry performed by professionals specialized in this segment is different, and this difference is due to the fact that they know the correct terminology, basic notions of design, mechanics, electricity, parts and components, in addition to generally having the ability to write very clear and didactic texts.

The importance of a good translation for the automotive industry

The importance of a well-translated text in this segment, both in the case of technical texts and sworn translations, is mainly the performance of the products and, consequently, the safety of the end customer.

The surest way to obtain a faithful and well contextualized translation is to hire a prepared and reliable translator, because most of the time the terms used will not be found in the dictionary and, even if they are, they will probably be presented with meanings different from the technical terminology in the segment.

Technical and sworn translations for the automotive industry with Global Languages

Here at Global Languages, we provide technical and sworn translations for several different areas, including the automotive industry. In our company, it is possible to find qualified professionals who are specialized in the area, with knowledge of the specific terms, such as: approval of new vehicles for the market that requires tests to be translated into the sworn translation category, as well as technical catalogs and factory floor materials, where the technical translation of all manuals that encompass machines and robots, belonging to the so-called “heavy industries”, is performed.

Remember that you can count on the help of our team of experienced and qualified professionals to clarify all your doubts about our translation service for the automotive segment, and even to find out about the other areas that are part of our repertoire. Simply get in touch using the “contact us” tab here on the website, or directly via the phone numbers of each of our offices:

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