The translation service for texts, documents and projects is an essential activity in many fields, from business and marketing to science and technology, for example. To ensure good translation results, it is necessary to go beyond language skills and focus on correct translation project management.

What is Translation Project Management

Translation project management is the process of managing all the stages involved in the translation of a project, from planning to final delivery. The role of a project manager includes selecting qualified translators, communicating with clients, managing deadlines and budgets, ensuring that proofreading and editing is performed, and taking every care that the final delivery is excellent. Managing a translation project is a very complex and challenging task, but it is critical to ensuring that the project is completed successfully and on time.

Management Methodologies

There are different translation project management methodologies, such as the cascade approach and the agile approach. The cascade approach follows a linear sequence of activities, in which each step only begins when the previous one has been completed. The agile approach, on the other hand, is more flexible and interactive, focusing on frequent deliveries and continuous adjustments throughout the process.

The truth is that, regardless of the methodology, the success of translation project management depends on good communication, careful planning, selection of qualified and experienced professionals, use of appropriate technology, such as computer-aided translation tools, and a rigorous approach that ensures quality, accuracy and consistency for the final text.

Translation Project Management

Translation Management at Global Languages

Here at Global Languages, we offer excellent opportunities for both salaried and freelance employees, including project managers. We require a minimum of at least 2 years’ experience in the field, as well as advanced knowledge of technology, and the ability to deal with unforeseen events and solve problems quickly. This includes dealing with tight deadlines, quality issues, communication with clients, and more.

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