Global Languages is a translation company with over 30 years of experience helping organizations connect with their stakeholders in any language. We offer integrated, multilingual translation solutions at key stages along our clients’ global business journey, providing translation, interpretation, editing, subtitling, dubbing or voiceovers for local audiences of all types of content.
What does a Translation Company do?

We translate everything from international patent filings, digital content marketing, investor report communications, as well as technical and sworn translations in various industry sectors, on-site SEO and regulatory compliance e-learning content. We support international companies that require business solutions across all core operations, from start to finish.

How do we provide translation services?

We work with servers located in the USA and encrypted on a fully online and dedicated platform. MemoQ is our official CAT Tool (Translation Aid Software) for terminology and translation management. Using the platform, we manage translation memories, terminologies, integration with the MTPE (Machine Translation Post Edition) process and the management of reference information, which allows the simultaneous launch and division of large translation projects with a multidisciplinary team, in several languages. MemoQ is a translation management software company, founded in 2004 and considered one of the fastest growing companies in the translation technology industry.

Why choose Global Languages?

To join our team, a minimum of two years of experience in technical translation in the high-tech field is required. It is essential that our translators have extensive knowledge of and complete fluency in the target language. We assign new translators to small projects under strict supervision so that, in practice, the professional can prove their translation skills, and we provide all the necessary training in new technologies and products. Thus, their ability to consistently produce quality translations is proven.

Don’t keep your translation projects stalled any longer!

Start your project with the translation company Global Languages. You can count on our expertise, high capacity and readiness to meet your needs, developing projects with excellence, transparency and professionalism. Our success is the result of the effort and commitment of the most loyal and dedicated team of professionals in the industry – they are the ones primarily responsible for creating and maintaining our culture of growth.

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