Financial reports are among the most important documents for a company that maintains relations with investors. This is primarily due to the report’s target audience, which includes people who generally have a great deal of influence over the company and its future, including directors, investors, senior executives, and the press.

So, it’s important that the annual report appears to be a highly professional, well-written document with a clear message, regardless of who is reading the report or in what language it is read.

So, if your company requires the financial report to be translated into other languages, it is critical to maintain the consistency, accuracy, and clarity of the information contained in the document.

Experienced translators working in the financial market

When translating important financial documents, you need more than language experts. You need specialized translators with financial knowledge and experience working on the documents in question. For this reason, our professionals have expertise in accounting, finance and compliance. Many of our translators have experience in the position of Investor Relations (IR) in large corporations.

Well-trained professional translators with in-depth experience in finance, banking, financial reporting and other industries are necessary to translate financial reports and financial statements. Companies that need to have their financial reports translated operate in a wide range of industries, such as marketing, engineering, medicine, etc.

Confidential treatment of your financial reports

The security of your data is our top priority. Not only do we apply fully reliable security standards in terms of technology, but we also oversee our translators using nondisclosure agreements to maintain complete data privacy.

Count on Global Languages for Financial Reports

The translation of financial reports is an area that Global Languages focuses on, and most of our contracts include this department in the large corporations where we have been hired as preferred supplier. Besides covering the most important languages in the business area, within the financial reports translated by Global Languages, there are several types of reports that make up the group of financial statements, each of which has a specific purpose.
Basically, financial statements are divided into three main types:
1. Balance Sheet (BS);
2. Income Statement for the Financial Year (IS);
3. Cash Flow Statement (CFS).

Contact us today and tell us about your needs. Together, we’ll find the best solutions for your company’s financial reporting needs.