A patent is a title given by public concession in order to ensure the exclusive right to commercial exploitation of a particular creation. In addition to guaranteeing the right of exclusive commercialization within the territory in which the registration took place, the patent functions as protection against competitors, who, in turn, cannot reproduce or copy the patented idea or product.

As mentioned above, the patent is valid for the country in which the registration was made. When there is interest in carrying out the process in other countries, in order to allow the creation to be used in other territories in a legalized way, it is necessary to carry out a patent translation.

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What is a patent translation?

Patent translation is a service that fits into the group of technical translations, which consists of a very accurate but at the same time contextualized type of translation within the specific language and terminologies applied to the segment, which in the case of patent translations would be the legal sector.

It is essential to ensure the impeccable quality of the patent translation result even before the application is sent, since any errors may result in the rejection of the application, among other things. For this reason, the choice of translation company that will perform the service is very important.

Patent translation service

To ensure the quality of your patent translation, it is recommended that you choose a translation company that has a high level of experience with technical and legal translations.

Here at Global Languages, you will find an experienced team specialized in technical and certified translations. From the adaptation of terminology within the context to the formatting, layout and proofreading stages, the service is rendered with excellence, always aiming at quality delivery and the satisfaction of our clients.

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