With oceans and seas covering around 80% of the planet, the maritime industry has always been an important means of commercial and cultural communication. And in the world of translation this is a subject that encompasses a range of different subjects.

The maritime industry has its own language and uses complex terminology laden with technical and engineering terms. If we look at the history of shipping, it is clear that it paved the way for the progress of civilization through the promotion of trade, the discovery of new continents, and the cultural exchanges that took place during the colonial period.
Translation for seaports includes technical and engineering texts, along with the fields of shipping, shipbuilding, maintenance, maritime law, and trade.

Dry ports are also an industry in need of a specialized translation service. After all, like seaports, the amount of cargo movement and international transactions that take place there is very high, and companies need to have a translation partner on their side who has experience in this area as well.

What kind of texts we translate for seaports and dry ports?

We provide translation services for the maritime industry, with translators trained in engineering and all other applicable areas. All translations produced by our expert translators with an excellent command of maritime terminology are checked by our team of specialized editors or engineers.

We translate everything from equipment and robots that are part of the “Heavy Industry” that make up the structure of ports (whether dry ports or seaports), to training for employees that make up both the port structure and the multinationals that are based there.

Why choose Global Languages

• Glossaries of international maritime abbreviations and shipping terms;
• Fast, high-quality, affordable translation services;
• Translators with experience in maritime law and legislation;
• Quality control checks according to our zero-error policy;
• Internationally recognized translation certification;
• Professional editors and native proofreaders;
• Experience in port and customs operations;
• Team of translators specialized in various aspects of the maritime industry;
Choose Global Languages as your reliable solution partner for the translation of your seaport and dry port texts.