At some point you may have used a translation application that used the web to quickly translate words and phrases. Some apps translate text into an image. Other apps allow you to speak into the microphone and then translate your message into the language of your choice. Finally, there are simpler ones that translate the text based on what you input into the app.

Although machine translation has come a long way since its inception, it is still not perfect. In many cases, these applications make mistakes that human translators would not. In this article, Global Languages will present five reasons why translation applications are not effective when you need a reliable text.

Translation applications: lack of context

Translation applications cannot understand context. If you are talking to another person, they can understand the words you are replacing with pronouns, while an app still cannot do so. Similarly, people can understand what you mean when you say things like “Yes, no”. But an application will probably not understand whether you are agreeing or not.

Translation applications: inaccuracy

Translation applications are not known for producing high quality translations. Many translation applications ask for user feedback to create better translations, but users submit many different ways of translating the same content. Again, what is missing is context. To have an accurate, high-quality translation, you need to know why the document is being translated and to whom the materials will be delivered. Translation applications, even with user-submitted translations, cannot determine the context of your document. As a result, using a translation application will prevent you from obtaining a high-quality translation.

Translation applications: lack of confidentiality

Translation applications do not offer the service of encrypting your data. These applications usually store data after you send it. If you are translating sensitive information in any way, you should use a human translator to ensure that the information remains protected.

Translation applications: revision

If you think you can use a translation application and have the translation company simply edit and proofread the text later to save you money, you may be surprised. Inaccurate translations provided by translation applications can take longer and can be more expensive to edit than translating the original text. While it may seem beneficial to provide pre-translated text, if it is not a quality pre-translation, it will take more time and money to determine what the translation should say. The best way to keep your budget low and keep your translation project on schedule is to use human translators and avoid pre-translating your text.

If you want accurate, confidential and high quality translations, translation applications will not work for you. You need a translation company to ensure that your translations provide everything you need. If you are interested in learning more, contact Global Languages.