difference company or translation agencyWhen searching the internet, looking for translation service, it is very common to see little or no difference between translation agencies and companies. Although for some it may be implied by the difference in the words “company” and “agency”, there are agencies that sell themselves as companies and vice versa.

In order to obtain the best cost-benefit ratio and to ensure the quality of the service offered, an in-depth understanding of the difference is required: a translation company, in order to call itself as such, needs to have an internal employee structure – translators, proofreaders, layout designers, online memory system, etc. In turn, a translation agency has a catalog of translators at its disposal and distributes the work. The work is outsourced, in the sense of labor force as well as the in sequence of perspectives and interpretations about what is going to be translated.

Although the agency is able to find professionals with excellent qualifications, quality control throughout the revision and layout steps, even in the secrecy of the translation is negligible. After all, what the agency proposes is precisely this: the client contracts the Agency, which forwards it to the translator and within a certain period the agency returns the document to the client. In other words, it acts as a mediator between the parties.

Because it has a reliable technical staff, the translation company has the ability to establish common standards and principles that will be followed by the entire team: in order to maintain fixed deadlines and deal with confidentiality issues in an uncompromising manner, for example. In addition, the company has the opportunity to offer courses and training in order to keep its team updated on the trends of the languages they work with. In this sense, even good translators and proofreaders can become great, as the company has the ability to support the quality of the team.

It is important to note: the difference in price between a translation agency and company is not necessarily significant. If we consider that a job well done does not have to be returned to have changes made, commitment to the deadline and standardization of work quality, even if the demand is simple, consider choosing a translation company.

Global Languages is an example of a translation company, like the one mentioned above. We value quality and timeliness, in addition to keeping our team under constant improvement. Thus, we are fully prepared for any and all service demands. Contact us and find out more!

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