software that stores translation memoriesTranslation memory is a database that works with language segments stored as information. These can be phrases, paragraphs or any textual unit that has been previously translated. Its main function is to store the source text with its translation in the translation units.

The main objective of this tool is to assist translators. Just as the tool serves as an intermediary between different translations that, when combined with this memory system, can streamline the process of ideal translation for different expressions and languages.

For a complete interface to be used as an aid in the most diverse translations, translation memory tools are generally used along with computer-assisted translation (CAT) word and terminology processing programs, among others.

Today, many companies in the translation and multilingual documentation segment use translation memory systems.

In this sense, multiple pairs in the same segment use similar tools to acquire specific meanings for different segments.

Therefore, it is possible to affirm that the translation memory functions as an intermediary in this relationship, accumulating knowledge and presenting the terminologies or translations most used by the greatest number of people.

In short, translation memory software not only speeds up translations for translators by bringing up specific terms that translators may temporarily forget, but also creates consensus on which translations are most appropriate for each segment and in each language.

Therefore, technology today brings languages closer together when it creates an automated interface that can translate with satisfactory precision in order to assist translators in their technical and documental demands. It also creates consensus and determines which terms according to the people who consult them – which, according to studies carried out since 2006, is what the growing majority of those working with multilingual documentation will use.

This is very important when many translators work on the same project, not only for the reproduction of a certain language over the long term, but for projects where each person could choose a different term.

Among so many advantages, Global Languages streamlines processes and understands the obstacles to the excessive use of translation memory software. Thus, we count on its personalized use in order to increase its efficiency, accelerate and refine the translation process to achieve excellent documental quality.

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