Global Languages is one of the most respected translation companies in the Americas. And to achieve this position, the selection of translators from Portuguese to English is critical and takes place according to very strict criteria.
In this article, Global Languages will tell you a little about how we select our professionals.

Qualifications and testing

We require a minimum of two years’ experience as a technical translator in the high-tech field, such as IT, medical equipment, telecommunications or electronics.

Extensive knowledge of high technology is essential, as well as complete fluency in the target language. To become our employee, the translator must pass a software and hardware knowledge test. This test assesses technical accuracy, comprehension, terminology, grammar, spelling, style, consistency, and presentation.

After passing the initial test, the translator will be tested on the project-specific material for which they are being assessed. We assign small projects under close supervision and provide all the necessary training in new technologies and products until they prove they have the ability to produce quality work consistently. In addition, we have a team allocated to our Miami unit, composed of native professionals.

Confidentiality Requirement

Every translator works under a strict nondisclosure agreement that protects the company’s internal documentation and prevents disclosure of confidential material not yet released to the market.

Translation guidelines and tools

In order to improve accuracy, efficiency and consistency, we have developed our own set of translation tools to help our linguists. Our technical support team is always updating these tools to meet the needs of each project and provide an increasingly better performance.

We have also developed glossaries per project to be used in conjunction with the general glossaries. Sometimes, the client company’s own proofreaders approve the glossaries. Detailed guidelines are provided to each translator by our language leader.

Differentials of Global Languages translators

Check out some of the points that really make our translators from Portuguese to English differentiated professionals.

– Our translators are carefully selected, periodically trained and highly motivated by the excellent working environment;

– We have strict linguistic and technical quality control at all stages of the translation and localization process;

– We have a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, which ensures the work is always on time;

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05 offices strategically located in Brazil and the United States, with global contracts on five continents and selected workforce in their countries, where the documentation will be disclosed;

More than 100 translation workstations;

More than 400 indirect contracts with native professionals of the most diverse languages;

More than 40 languages;